Vendor Information

Vendor Info

Open Applications:

2023 Winter Market Application:


*Save the file to your computer, fill out the form, then save to your computer and submit form by email or mail, e-sign accepted:

SVFM/JAKT Foundation

PO Box 85

Newman Lake, WA 99025


The advisory group will meet on an ongoing basis to approve vendor applications.

Vendors will be approved based on the market rules and goals.

Vendor Definitions

Vendors who sell products they have grown themselves. This includes farm produced items such as fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, eggs, honey, flowers, etc. As well as jams, ciders, sauces, etc. (providing the essential ingredients of these products were grown and harvested directly by the vendor).

Vendors who sell products that include ingredients they may not have cultivated themselves, but have personally prepared. This includes items such as baked goods, jams, sauces, tinctures, beer, cider, candles, soaps, etc.

Vendors, such as food trucks, offering ready-made foods available for consumption at the market or carry-out orders.

Vendors offering quality art and handcrafted items with authentic efforts, (Pre-made or “slightly altered” pre-made products do not qualify). All items are juried for appropriateness.

Groups seeking to provide information to the public about community based events and services. No selling or political campaigning. Fundraising is limited to the sale of raffle or community event tickets and must be preapproved by market management.

Musicians are paid a stipend, album sales and tips are permitted and encouraged!

The determination of the market management as to a vendor type or status is final.

Licenses & Permits that may be required to sell your products

Washington State
Business License & UBI #

Spokane Regional Health District
Food Handlers Permit

Multi Temp Food Event Permit

Temp Food Event Permit
Identified on the Master Business License

Washington State Department of Agriculture :

Food Processor License

Nursery Dealer Designation on Master Business License

Organic Certificate

Honey Bee Hive Registration

Poultry Processing License

Egg Handler Dealer Designation on Master Business License

Milk Producers License

Milk Processors License

Registered Scale
Identified on the Master Business License

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board:

Liquor License and Cannabis Farmers Market Endorsement

Rules & Regulations

Spokane Valley Farmers Market

2023 Rules

The SVFM rules are in place to ensure that the community receives the highest quality products grown or produced by local farmers, artisans and businesses to set market guidelines for market activities. The SVFM is not intended to be a forum for religious or political views and agendas.

Vendor Qualifications

Farmers and Hand Crafters: These vendors should grow, produce or wild craft the products sold at market or resell according to the WFSMA criteria for resellers. Some of these qualifications are:

    • Grown in Washington, pre-approved by the board of directors, labeled accordingly. Under this qualification, products from U-pick operations, warehouses, gleaning, etc. are prohibited.
    • Wild crafted (wild harvest) items such as huckleberries and mushrooms are allowed.
    • Also, under this qualification, crafts must be manufactured by the seller with their own hands.
    • Commercial, second hand or imported items are not allowed to be sold.

Musicians: The music at the market is intended to provide entertaining and enjoyable diverse background music for the customers and vendors.

      • Musicians must fill out an application and submit a demo for review. The market will provide a canopy over the stage area.
      • Musician must have their own outdoor extension cords. There is no electrical fee.
      • Musicians will be paid $100 per market day, ready when the market opens for business, with breaks provided.
      • Musicians can accept tips and sell their albums/merchandise and are encouraged to do so!

Food Trucks/Prepared food: These vendors offer freshly made food available for sale and immediate consumption on site. They will be charged 5% of sales. These vendors are required to carry all necessary permits and licenses. All food vendors must fill out an application.

Market Time: the market will run every Friday from June 2 – September 15 from 4-8pm

      • Vendors may set up no earlier than 1:30 pm.
      • Vendors should be in place and their vehicles must be out of the market by 3:45pm. If vendor has not arrived by 3:45pm, they will be carting in their items or may be turned away with a warning notice.
      • Tear down begins no earlier than market closing time.
      • If a vendor sells out prior to the end of the market day, the vendor booth must stay intact until closing.
      • SVFM hours may vary with sunset (September)
      • Vendors should also consider the needs of customers by parking further away.

Booth Space: Booth fees entitle vendor to a 10’x10’ booth space; a limited number of larger spaces are available upon request and at an additional fee per addition and season. Booths should be identified with a sign bearing the vendor’s business name. Booths shall be kept clean and orderly during market hours. Vendors are responsible to clean up assigned space (including removing incidental trash) during normal period of market operations, including setup and tear down, must have their own canopies or umbrellas securely and safely anchored with at least 25lbs of weight on each leg of the canopy, from the time it is step up to the time it is taken down. Booth locations are made weekly at the discretion of the market manager. However, a reasonable attempt will be made to ensure that booth locations remain consistent throughout the season.

Pricing: Pricing of goods is up to the vendor but pricing below cost, resulting in the undercutting of other vendors is not allowed. Pricing complaints will be subject to advisory group review and any complaints shall be made to the market manager at end of market day. All vendors must report daily sales on provided forms.

Conduct: The market strives to create a comfortable, family friendly atmosphere for all who attend. All vendors and their representatives are expected to conduct themselves in a professional, courteous, and harmonious manner with customers and other vendors. Vulgar, aggressive, or inappropriate language is prohibited. This market is not a forum for religious or political activities. Customers who have legitimate complaints about the quality of the product, should be given a full refund or replacement by the vendor if requested. Vendor grievances should be referred to the onsite market manager before any other action is taken.

Vendor Approval Process: The governing board of the market will review and approve vendor applications on a continuing basis. Vendors will be approved based on the market rules and goals, and to make sure that there is a diverse and quality line up of products at our market. Please send in your application ASAP to be considered for the 2023 season. Vendors will be notified accordingly upon approval.

Fees: Fees are based on a 10’x10’ booth space.

      • Full Season $400 (16 Markets)
      • Half Season $200 (8 Markets)
      • Per Market $30
      • A $10 fee will be added if not paid in advance.
      • Special booth space is available upon request for an additional fee.
      • Double booth is double the number of markets desired.
      • Corner space is available and will go to those who commit to the most markets.

Cancellation: The market manager must be notified of cancellations by no later than 8:00 pm on Wednesday of the same week. If notice of cancellation has not been received AND confirmed by such time, a written warning will be sent to the vendor the second time such an occurrence takes place a written warning as well as a $25 fee will be assessed to the vendor and the vendor will not be allowed to sell at the market until the fee has been paid. A third occurrence will be grounds for removal from participation in the market. No refunds will be given when a vendor is removed due to a rule’s violation.

Inclement Weather: The market will be canceled at the discretion of the market manager. In the case of inclement weather prior to the opening of the market, the market manager will call all vendors to notify them of cancellation and musicians will not be entitled to payment. In the case of possible inclement weather or warnings, vendors should still arrive at the market as normally scheduled. Otherwise, the market will run normally, weather permitting. Please remember that vendor and musician presence help build customer loyalty to the market. Arriving as planned is a courtesy to your fellow vendors and market staff and prohibits last-minute gaps in the market lineup. However, if weather or other unforeseen circumstances cause a disruption, musicians will be paid $25 per hour for each hour or any part of an hour in which they perform.

Compliance: The vendor is solely responsible for compliance with all applicable rules and regulations governing the growing, production, and marketing of their goods. The vendor is asked to provide the market with a copy of any necessary permits.

Insurance: Vendors shall make a bona fide attempt to have their insurance company name JAKT Foundation as an additional insured on their policy. Vendors accept responsibility for damage caused by their canopy, regardless of whether market anchoring guidelines are met. Please safely secure your canopies. Spokane Valley winds often reach 15+ miles per hour or more. SVFM is a tax-exempt non-profit entity governed by a board of directors.

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